Marine Program Outreach Coordinator (Sept. 4)

2018-08-13T09:42:07+00:00 August 13, 2018|

The Marine Programs Outreach Coordinator will work with Marine Science and affiliated faculty and staff to develop a formal outreach program that serves UNE students and the community. The Coordinator will mentor UNE marine science, marine affairs, marine entrepreneurship, and aquaculture & aquarium science students in all informal community science education and other experiential education activities. The Coordinator and his/her undergraduate mentees will develop and deliver marine themed lessons to audiences of all ages, give research tours, develop long-term monitoring projects involving the community, and raise UNE’s profile in the region by communicating the exciting and ongoing projects happening at the Marine Science Center. Through these experiences, UNE students will gain real and marketable science communication skills and community connections while earning their formal degree.

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