Latest Trump Budget Cuts At A Glance

2017-04-03T12:29:56+00:00 April 3, 2017|
The latest proposed budget cuts are receiving a cold reception from Cognress. (Credit: Pexels)

(Click to enlarge) The latest proposed budget cuts are receiving a cold reception from Cognress. (Credit: Pexels)

The Trump White House is proposing to cut $18 billion from a variety of domestic programs and foreign aid accounts in ongoing talks on a wrap-up spending package for the ongoing 2017 budget year.

(From The Washington Post / By Associated Press) — The cuts — to education, infrastructure, medical and scientific research, and numerous grants to state and local governments — are in addition to cuts proposed earlier in the month for the upcoming budget year.

The cuts are unofficial and have been given a chilly welcome on Capitol Hill. They include:

—$1.1 billion from the Agriculture Department, including $363 million from food aid to poor nations.

—$1.2 billion from the departments of Commerce, Justice, and State, including $350 million from National Science Foundation grants and $210 million for help states keep immigrants in the country illegally in prison.

—$1.8 billion from energy and water accounts, including $516 million from energy efficiency and renewable energy.

—$714 million from the Interior Department, including $51 million from rural western school districts.

—$7.3 billion from the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education departments, including $1.3 billion from Pell Grants, $1.2 billion in grants to reduce class sizes, and $1.2 billion from NIH.

—$2.9 billion from foreign aid, including $562 million from economic development assistance, $200 million in military aid to “high income” countries, and $547 million from multilateral development banks.

—$2.7 billion from transportation, housing and development, including $1.5 billion from flexible community development funds, $499 million from transportation projects, and $447 million from transit projects.

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