Jon White – From the President’s Office: 9-11-2017

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Jon White, President of Ocean Leadership

It’s been hard to stay away from the news and all of my favorite weather geek websites as the second major hurricane in three weeks made landfall in the U.S. My thoughts are with everyone in my home state as Florida continues to weather this catastrophic storm. Several of our member institutions were severely impacted by Hurricane Irma, just as others were by Harvey. As recovery efforts persist long after the hurricane season is over, we will continue to do all that we can to help ensure relief and building occur and that investments are made to continue advancements in forecasting.

While our attention is focused on Florida and Texas right now, I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to thank the staff at the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE)’s Ohmsett, the National Oil Spill Response Research & Renewable Energy Test Facility. On the last day of their second-place award trip to the coast of New Jersey, the NOSB team from Marshfield High School (Wisconsin) visited Ohmsett, the only facility in the U.S. where full-scale oil spill response equipment testing, research, and training is conducted using oil in a marine environment under controlled environmental conditions. Federal agencies, industry, and academic institutions use Ohmsett, which has the largest outdoor saltwater tank facility in North America, as a research center to test new equipment and technologies pertaining to oil spill cleanup and response. With the growing emphasis on development of renewable energy sources, the facility is also involved in research and testing of wave energy conversion devices. The students (and COL chaperones) were fascinated by their visit – a big thanks to BSEE, a 2017 NOSB sponsor, for the tour. For more details about both the first and second place awards trips, see the NOSB section below.

RADM Jonathan W. White, USN (ret.)
President and CEO
Consortium for Ocean Leadership

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Liquid Robotics Debuts Next Generation Wave Glider
Long-duration unmanned surface vehicles manufacturer Liquid Robotics has rolled out its next generation Wave Glider, featuring advancements to the platform’s operational range, and performance for missions in high sea states and high latitudes. Other updates include advancements for expanded sensor payloads and increased energy and storage capacity required for long duration maritime surveillance, environmental monitoring and observation missions.