Jon White – From the President’s Office: 11-14-16

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As our nation prepares to transition to a new presidency and a new Congress, it is vitally important for our elected officials to have trusted sources to turn to regarding science. To that end, COL will strive to enhance our role and reputation as the go-to ocean science and technology resource for the new administration and Congress.  We will continue to share information and knowledge; elucidate potential impacts of decisions; increase understanding of the ocean’s role in providing for our existence, and work together in a bipartisan manner to leverage science on behalf of security, prosperity, and the health of our ocean.  Access to the best-available science, which supports effective decision-making, demands that researchers maintain their ability to perform high-quality research. The partnership of the federal government with our academic, university- and laboratory-based research enterprise, combined with the gold-standard of peer review and scientific integrity, has resulted in the advancement of science that has bettered the lives of all Americans and our global partners.  We will certainly continue to stress the need to hold steadfastly to our nation’s long tradition of quality science — and all the benefits that come with it — to our new president and congressional leaders.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
A few important reminders for this week. Don’t forget that letters of intent for the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI)’s final RFP, which will provide funding for up to two years, are due today. You can find more details, deadlines, and requirements here. The National Academy of Sciences is hosting a workshop on the importance of ocean observing titled, “Sustaining Ocean Observations to Understand Future Changes in Earth’s Climate.” DC folks can attend in-person, but the workshop will also be webcast. Finally, COL will be hiring a policy intern to start in January. The deadline to apply is close of business (EDT) this Friday.

RADM Jonathan W. White, USN (ret.); M.S.
President and CEO
Consortium for Ocean Leadership

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