Jon White – From the President’s Office: 02-12-2018

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Last week, the annual Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science (GoMOSES) conference came to New Orleans with nearly 900 scientists from around the world to explore the theme of “Response, Restoration, and Resiliency in the Gulf.” Experts from academia, state and federal agencies, industry, and non-governmental organizations shared new research on how science can help restore and maintain ecosystem integrity, inform response strategies, and strengthen resilience. COL helps facilitate GoMOSES as part of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, one of the 13 conference partners. The closing plenary addressed the future of GoMOSES, specifically the conference’s value in bringing together the science that supports integrated approaches involving multiple disciplines needed to manage the region. Feedback from both panel speakers and participants highlighted the importance of keeping GoMOSES going, continued participation across sectors, funding constraints, and conference organizing logistics. With funding a key consideration in the future, coordinating and collaborating with other conferences – regional, national, and international – was raised as a possibility.

GoMOSES attendees aren’t the only ones talking about collaboration. COL’s annual public policy forum, “The Power of Partnerships: Advancing Ocean Science and Tech” will take place March 7. Register now to be part of the discussion on how partnering can advance our ocean science and technology enterprise.

Finally, as we watch the world’s top athletes ski, skate, sled, snowboard, and curl their way to victory in the Winter Olympics, we’re using this opportunity to highlight the unique organisms, processes, and systems in our marine world. Join in and help educate others on the ocean with #OceanOlympics. For those of you in Portland at Ocean Sciences, don’t forget to stop by booths 405 and 407 to say hello to my and other COL and Ocean Observatories Initiative staff. See below for a list of sessions and town halls we’re supporting.


RADM Jonathan W. White, USN (ret.)

President and CEO

Consortium for Ocean Leadership


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Scientist from Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory are studying plankton in the deep open ocean. Microscopic marine plants, or phytoplankton like Trichodesmium, are responsible for roughly half of the planet’s primary productivity. This means that for every other breath you take, you can thank a phytoplankton. Their results were recently published in The ISME Journal.

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