Jon White – From the President’s Office: 2-19-2016

2016-07-22T14:55:59+00:00 February 19, 2016|

Jon White, Vice President of Ocean Leadership

This week, the final ship of the Pathfinder class of the U.S. Navy’s oceanographic survey vessels, the USNS Maury, was delivered. The “Pathfinder of the Seas” as this ship is nicknamed is named after Cmdr. Matthew Maury (the “Father of Modern Oceanography”) and has some impressive advancements over her sister ships in the class. The data, information, and knowledge that will result from her voyages over the next few decades will be of great value to us all. I encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect on the history of Mathew Maury as one in a crowd of historical figures who understood the importance of ocean science, technology and exploration to our nation’s security and prosperity. I think we all realize that this is as true today as it ever has been.

I forward to attending the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting next week in New Orleans, as I realize that many “modern-day Maurys” will be in attendance and presenting. We will have an Ocean Leadership and Ocean Observatory Initiative (OOI) booth (#611), and I encourage all of you who are attending to stop by and say hello.   To ensure the future security, health, and prosperity of our oceans, we must work together as one ocean science and technology community across federal agencies, academia, industry, and borders. Ocean Leadership is committed to elevating the voice of this community, and I look forward hearing your thoughts on how we might do this more effectively in the days ahead. (Join in the conversation if you will be at Ocean Sciences.)

Don’t forget to register for the 2016 Public Policy Forum: Science and Solutions for a Resilient Ocean!

Jonathan W. White, RADM, USN (ret.); M.S.
President and CEO
Consortium for Ocean Leadership