Jon White – From the President’s Office: 04-16-2018

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Congress was back in session last week, and the new appropriations season is picking up steam. We submitted testimony to the House and Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittees on the importance of ocean science to our national security and maritime superiority. Later this month, we’ll also be providing testimony to both chambers’ Commerce, Justice, and Science Subcommittees, which fund NSF, NOAA, and NASA. Interested in advocating for ocean science funding? Follow the directions here (for the House) and here (for the Senate) to submit your own testimony. Your voice and input are important.

Don’t forget to follow the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB) on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram (using #NOSBRocks and #NOSB18) this weekend during our Finals competition in Boulder, Colorado. It will surely be inspiring and nail biting as we determine our 21st national champion from a mile above sea level.  Look for results next week!

RADM Jonathan W. White, USN (ret.)
President and CEO
Consortium for Ocean Leadership

Member Highlight
With $35M Grant, WHOI Scientists Will Dive To The Edge Of Ocean’s Light
The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has received one of the largest private grants in its history, $35 million, to explore one of the least understood areas on earth. The “Twilight Zone” covers a vast portion of the earth, from the Arctic to the Southern Ocean that surrounds the Antarctic. It’s a twilight world, where there is little light from the sun, at depths from 600 to over 3,200 feet. Surprisingly, it teems with life. “There is 10 times more fish biomass here, maybe more than all the rest of the oceans combined,” WHOI senior scientist and biological oceanographer Heidi Sosik told a TED Conference audience in Vancouver, British Columbia, Wednesday night.

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