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The Consortium for Ocean Leadership, in collaboration with Meridian Institute,

convenes the 2018 Industry Forum

Thursday, October 25th, 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Toro Toro
1300 I Street, NW, Washington, DC

Industry Forum
Friday, October 26

ASAE Conference Center
1575 I Street, NW, Washington D.C.
Directions to the Forum | Agenda

8:30 AM Welcome Remarks (Jonathan White, Consortium for Ocean Leadership)
 8:45 AM Opening Remarks: Offshore Finfish Aquaculture as a Means of Advancing Multiple U.S. Priorities (Paul Doremus, NOAA)
9:00 AM Keynote Remarks: Status of Offshore Finfish Aquaculture Globally and Major Opportunities and Challenges for the United States (David Fredriksson, United States Naval Academy)
9:15 AM The Science and Technology of Finfish Aquaculture: Past, present, and future advancements and challenges
Like most emerging industries, the challenges posed by nearshore aquaculture have evolved, and in some cases, been successfully addressed as scientific understanding has advanced and technology solutions have been brought to bear. In the offshore setting, where technical challenges are generally greater, there is a growing global R&D effort and body of experience, with which the U.S. may not be keeping up. Looking at nearshore settings for lessons learned and carefully considering the offshore context, this panel will illuminate the challenges that have been successfully addressed, identify those which require continued work, and discuss where there are emerging gaps in the scientific knowledge base to safely and responsibly manage offshore finfish aquaculture in U.S. federal waters.

  • Moderator: Jerry Schubel, Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Sebastian Belle, Maine Aquaculture Association
  • Sarah Lester, Florida State University
  • Neil Sims, Kampachi Farms, LLC
  • Michael Tlusty, University of Massachusetts Boston
10:30 AM Break
10:45 AM What Would It Take?: Environmental and regulatory components of a successful offshore finfish aquaculture enterprise
Finfish aquaculture farms have been operating successfully and, in some cases, environmentally responsibly in nearshore waters of the U.S. To date, no farms are operating in U.S. federal waters. A frequently cited impediment to establishment of offshore operations is the uncertainty created by a lengthy and cumbersome permitting process that does not allow for timely decision-making, business planning, and return on investment. The first installment of What Would It Take examines how to overcome regulatory and siting challenges and ensure the appropriate environmental and human health safeguards are in place.

  • Moderator: Michael Rubino, NOAA
  • Leigh Habegger, Seafood Harvesters of America
  • Robert Jones, The Nature Conservancy
  • David Kelly, InnovaSea
  • Kevan Main, Mote Marine Laboratories
12:00 PM Break to get lunch
12:30 PM What Would It Take?: Identifying investment concerns, economic impacts, and innovation needs for success
Science-based, responsible regulations are only one component of an aquaculture enterprise that is both economically viable and environmentally responsible. Using case studies from the international and domestic realms, the second What Would It Take panel explores what is needed to support a sustainable U.S. offshore finfish aquaculture industry that contributes to our nation’s economy and the global market for sustainable, ocean-friendly seafood. Components discussed will include investor confidence, opportunities for innovation, and other economic considerations.

  • Moderator: Dane Klinger, Conservation International
  • Antonius Gagern, California Environmental Associates
  • Max Holtzman, Pontos Aqua Advisory
  • John C. Molina, Pacific6 Enterprises
1:45 PM Break
2:00 PM Survey Says…: Are public perception and science aligned?
Relying on recent surveys, this panel will discuss what is currently known about public understanding and perception of nearshore aquaculture, how that may impact efforts to establish a responsible offshore industry, and lessons learned to date about what it takes to align public (and decision maker) perceptions with the latest scientific knowledge.

  • Moderator: Scott Nichols, Food’s Future/Aquaculture Stewardship Council
  • Roger Berkowitz, Legal Seafoods
  • Linda Cornish, Seafood Nutrition Partnership
  • Bill DiMento, High Liner Foods
  • Kim Thompson, Seafood for the Future, Aquarium of the Pacific
3:15 PM Spotlight on recommended actions
Panelists will reflect on the actions and solutions recommended over the course of the meeting and offer their perspectives on how to advance those (and others they may suggest) in the immediate and longer terms. The outcome will be a balanced set of recommendations that address the diverse interests illuminated during the meeting.

  • Moderator: Jonathan White, Consortium for Ocean Leadership
  • Megan Davis, FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
  • Paul Doremus, NOAA
  • Don Kent, Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute
  • Aaron McNevin, World Wildlife Fund
4:00 PM Summary and Closing Remarks (Jonathan White, Consortium for Ocean Leadership)
4:20 PM Sponsor Showcase

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