Director, Ocean, Atmosphere, and Space Research Division (Aug 15)

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You will serve as the Director, Ocean, Atmosphere and Space Research Division in the Ocean Battlespace Sensing Science & Technology (S/T) Department of the Office of Naval Research (ONR). As a Senior Executive Service member, you will serve as the senior focal point within ONR for all science & technology relating to ocean sciences, and also serves as expert consultant and advisor in areas of ocean science & technology to the Navy and Marine Corps.


  • You will provide leadership and direction to, plan, and ensure the execution of the science and technology programs of the Division.
  • You will identify critical program goals and objectives in the fields of oceanography, acoustics, remote sensing, coastal sciences, marine meteorology, among others, and develop a science and technology program to address these objectives.
  • You will set budget priorities, manage and direct execution of vertically-integrated research programs, and transition the resulting technologies to the Navy and Marine Corps.
  • You will direct and oversee the work of the Division with the assistance of Team Leaders who coordinate team efforts on assigned programs within the broad science and technology responsibilities of the Division.
  • You will be responsible for tracking worldwide research and technological advances and staying informed on published sources covering worldwide efforts in ocean science and technology research for which the Division is responsible.

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