Congratulations to these Ocean Leaders

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Ocean LeadershipWe are pleased to announce the promotion to vice president of two of our senior leaders.  Kristen Yarincik is being promoted to Vice President and Director, Research and Education, and Mike Kelly to Vice President and Director, Ocean Observing. 

These promotions are in recognition of the strong leadership role they have played in leading their programs, as well as developing strategies to move Ocean Leadership forward.   Their hard work here exemplifies the OL commitment to the health and future of our oceans.

Kristen was hired in 2001 by the Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education (CORE) as a Research Associate for the Census of Marine Life and the National Oceanographic Partnership Program.  She then worked as Program Manager for the international Census of Marine Life, coordinating its international Scientific Steering Committee and supporting its national and regional committees and 17 global projects.  She later became Senior Program Manager, supporting GoMRI, and also undertook the role of Director of NOSB.  In 2013 Kristen was promoted to Director, Research and Education and oversees Ocean Leadership’s research and education programs including the National Ocean Sciences Bowl, the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative, the Interagency Ocean Observing Committee, among others.  She also pursues new programs and opportunities for the organization and provides strategic input to the CEO.  Kristen holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geosciences from Boston College and a master’s degree in Earth Sciences from Boston University focused on the paleoceanography of Cariaco Basin (Venezuela) through analysis of cores from the Ocean Drilling Program.

Mike Kelly joined Ocean Leadership in 2013 as Senior Project Manager for the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI).  Earlier this year he assumed the role of Director of OOI, overseeing the Program Management Office of this NSF funded initiative.  Mike holds a BS degree in Marine Transportation from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and an MBA from Rutgers.  He is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Master Mariner with over 30 years of experience in the private and defense sectors, including serving as Captain of a Cable Ship and Vice President of Operations for Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.  Mike also worked for nearly three years within the OOI project at the University of Washington.  During Mike’s time at Ocean Leadership he has successfully led the OOI program through the transition from construction to operations and maintenance.  The organization benefits greatly from his knowledge in the area of ocean technologies and his management experience.