EU-U.S. Research Connection Symposium

2018-07-23T15:14:04+00:00 July 23, 2018|

Invitation to: EU-U.S. Research Connection Symposium Wednesday, August 8, 2018 13:00 PM - 19:30 PM EST Have a research topic in mind? Looking for a collaborator in Europe? Interested in learning from your European colleagues? Or do you want to learn best practices in global research collaboration? This Research Connection Symposium aims to bring [...]

The NSF 2026 Idea Machine

2018-07-10T09:35:09+00:00 July 10, 2018|

The NSF 2026 Idea Machine is a competition to help set the U.S. agenda for fundamental research in science and engineering. Participants can earn prizes and receive public recognition by suggesting the pressing research questions that need to be answered in the coming decade, the next set of “Big Ideas” for future investment by [...]

Register now for ocean research conference (Oct. 12)

2018-06-28T08:50:11+00:00 June 28, 2018|

Register now for ocean research conference! The Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI), a transnational hub for ocean research initiated through the Canada First Excellence Fund, is gearing up for its inaugural conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada from Oct. 9 to 12. The event provides an excellent opportunity to hear from researchers who will use [...]

4th International Conference on Coastal Zones and Ocean Science (Sept. 15)

2018-06-21T14:24:23+00:00 June 21, 2018|

Coastal Zones Congress 2019 invites you to be a part of upcoming 4th International conference on Coastal Zones and Ocean Sciences with the theme Discovering the Innovative methods for the betterment of Coastal and Ocean science which is going to be held on 15-16, May 2019 in Tokyo,Japan For more details please check: [...]

From The Federal Register, Request For Applications: Advisory Councils Established Pursuant to the National Marine Sanctuaries Act and Executive Orders

2018-01-29T11:34:28+00:00 January 29, 2018|

AGENCY: Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (ONMS), National Ocean Service (NOS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of Commerce (DOC). ACTION: Notice of Solicitation. SUMMARY:  Notice is hereby given that ONMS will solicit applications to fill seats on its 13 national marine sanctuary advisory councils and the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Ecosystem [...]

Independent Science Review, Gulf Of Mexico Ecosystem Restoration Council

2017-10-16T13:54:33+00:00 October 16, 2017|

The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council invites you to engage in the independent science review of Gulf of Mexico ecosystem restoration projects and programs being considered for funding by the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (the Council) that was created as part of the Resources and Ecosystems Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities, and Revived Economies of the Gulf Coast [...]

New Online Course – Science Diplomacy: An introduction, AAAS

2017-08-24T16:42:40+00:00 August 24, 2017|

American Association for the Advancement of Science launched the first-ever online course dedicated to science diplomacy August 21, 2017! Join Dr. Marga Gual Soler and Dr. Tom Wang of the Center for Science Diplomacy as they trace the evolution and history of science diplomacy and its various frameworks - including a number of exciting case studies [...]

Free Student Membership To The Oceanography Society

2017-04-18T12:18:54+00:00 September 19, 2016|

TOS Student Membership Is Now Free! Nurturing the next generation of scientists is crucially important to the future of oceanography. To support this need, the leadership of The Oceanography Society (TOS) has made membership in The Oceanography Society available free for students enrolled at the graduate or undergraduate level in an oceanography or ocean-related program. For more information: