Program Update: Census of Marine Life – July 2011

2016-06-29T10:22:11+00:00 July 28, 2011|

This month, the Census of Marine Life Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) was awarded the 2011 International Cosmos Prize for its excellent research and work, which contributed to a significant understanding of the relationships among living organisms, the interdependence of life and the global environment, and the common nature integrating these interrelationships.

Program Update: Census of Marine Life – June 2011

2016-06-29T10:22:20+00:00 July 1, 2011|

Census of Marine Life researchers published several major scientific articles this month. The Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP) project, with the Future of Animal Populations (FMAP) program, published a piece that culminates the TOPP program’s decade-long effort to track top marine predator movements in the Pacific Ocean.

Program Update: Census of Marine Life – November 2010

2016-06-29T10:43:29+00:00 December 3, 2010|

Following the global announcement of Census of Marine Life research program findings in October 2010, many of the national and regional committees of the Census are holding symposia and workshops to convey and promote Census findings to their local audiences.

Program Update: Census of Marine Life – June 2010

2016-06-29T10:45:53+00:00 July 2, 2010|

The Census of Marine Life held its latest Scientific Steering Committee meeting in New York City on June 2-4, 2010. The committee focused on review of the soon to be published suite of products that will introduce the Census of Marine Life to the world.