…of the physical, biological and chemical properties of the ocean critical to supporting life on the planet.

To Corals, Plastic Might Taste Like Food

2017-11-03T10:08:49+00:00 November 3, 2017|

Sea turtles spot plastic bags and mistake them for jellyfish. Birds get entwined in plastic and choke to death. Corals, it turns out, could be even worse off—to them, some of the chemicals in plastic might taste like food.

Senior Program Specialist, Ocean Observatories Initiative

2017-11-02T09:44:20+00:00 November 2, 2017|

Senior Program Specialist, Ocean Observatories Initiative The Consortium for Ocean Leadership is seeking a Senior Program Specialist. This is a temporary, full-time position scheduled to last through September 30, 2018, with the possibility of extension pending funding availability.  The position will report to the Vice President, Research and Education. The successful candidate will implement science [...]

Ocean Sound Waves May Reveal Location Of Incoming Objects

2017-11-02T09:06:22+00:00 November 2, 2017|

New acoustic analysis could pinpoint impacts by meteorites or possibly plane debris. The ocean can seem like an acoustically disorienting place, with muffled sounds from near and far blending together in a murky sea of noise. Now an MIT mathematician has found a way to cut through this aquatic cacaphony, to identify underwater sound waves generated by objects impacting the ocean’s surface, such as debris from meteorites or aircraft. The results are published this week in the online journal Scientific Reports.

Assistant Professor In Nature-Based Solutions, Trinity College Dublin (Dec. 12)

2017-11-01T09:44:36+00:00 November 1, 2017|

Post Title: Assistant Professor Nature-Based Solutions Post Status: Permanent Department/Faculty: School of Natural Sciences / Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics & Science Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin Location: Discipline of Zoology, School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland Reports to: Head of School, School of [...]

Assistant Scientist, Bermuda Institute Of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) (Jan. 15)

2017-11-01T09:37:07+00:00 November 1, 2017|

Oceans and Human Health - Cancer and Aging - Marine Molecular Biology Applications are invited from scientists with interests in oceans and human health, cancer and aging research using marine organisms, and marine molecular biology to complement research and education activities at Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS). This is an endowed position with hard [...]

From The Federal Register, Request For Comments: 12-Month Finding and Proposed Rule To List the Chambered Nautilus as Threatened Under the Endangered Species Act (Comments: Dec. 7, Public Hearing: 22)

2017-10-30T12:53:29+00:00 October 30, 2017|

AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Commerce. ACTION: Proposed rule; 12-month petition finding; request for comments. SUMMARY: We, NMFS, announce a 12-month finding on a petition to list the chambered nautilus (Nautilus pompilius) as a threatened species or an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). We have [...]

Hundreds Of Humpback Whales Are Massing In A Tiny Spot Of Ocean. Here’s Why.

2017-10-27T17:34:27+00:00 October 27, 2017|

HALIFAX, CANADA—In the fall of 1990, a few humpback whales showed up off the coast of western South Africa where they had rarely been seen before. Over the next couple years, a few more showed up, then a few more. Today, nearly 200 of the giant ocean mammals mill around a piece of ocean smaller than a U.S. football field for several months out of the year.

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