Bering Sea Drilling Workshop, Fairbanks, AK

2016-06-29T10:51:14+00:00 August 1, 2005|

The Bering StraitThe Bering Strait, Rapid Climate Change, and Land Bridge Paleoecology” was a USSSP-sponsored workshop held in June 2005 to discuss potential scientific ocean drilling in the Bering Sea Shelf basins. The purpose of the interdisciplinary workshop is to formulate key scientific questions, identify relevant drilling sites, discuss drilling platform options, and to begin coordinating subsequent geophysical surveys, proposals, and multi-proxy analyses. The workshop was attended by Ms Dana Brown and Ms María Vélez. Ms Brown is a masters student in geology at Georgia State University and Ms Vélez is a masters student at Howard University.

Reconstruction of the sea-level history of the Bering Strait, including the exact timing of the opening and closing of the land bridge and the rates of associated sea-level changes, is essential to understanding its role as a trigger, pacemaker, or benign observer of northern hemisphere climate changes. Strategic cores from the region will also help answer outstanding questions regarding Bering Land Bridge paleoecology and its impact the on migration of plants and animals between Asia and North America.