A Job Well Done

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March 2, 2008

Winners of the UNC- Duke Blue Heron Bowl, a stellar team of five East Carteret High School scholars, John Haught, Matthew Joyner, Charlie prooks, John Griffin and Chelsea Brown, will compete fiationally in Seward, Alaska. Coach of the ECHS team is Barbara Walters.

The North Carolina regional bowl of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl, the Blue Heron feowl focuses on ocean-related topics including biology, chemistry, geology, physics, mathematics, nautical lore and social sciences.

Sixteen other teams from 10 different schools across the state competed.

Teams answered various questions such as what phylum is a barnacle placed in, who is the father of oceanography, an international fathom is equal to how many feet and the common name for any one of the 120 species of tropical trees found in marine swampy areas that have stilt-like aerial roots.

The ECHS team will also receive free diving lessons from Discovery Diving in Beaufort, refurbished Apple Ibook G4s, a handcrafted prize plate from Candace Young and Bay River Pottery, an ecology National Preparation field trip from Duke Marine Lab and $1,000 scholarships each to either UNC-Chapel Hill or N.C. State University.

Assisted by volunteers from the county’s marine science community, Janelle Fleming, CEO of Seahorse Coastal Consulting, was regional coordinator of the bowl and obtained the prizes. The trip to Alaska is all expenses paid but Mrs. Walters hopes to spend two additional days and is seeking donations to fund the stay over. Donations can be made pay able to ECHS, noting it’s fo the Ocean Science trip.

We congratulate the ECHS team and Mrs. Walters for job well done and wish them luck in the national competition.